• Super變壓火牛 Super Voltage Converter


    只供交流 220V 100/ 110V
    美國 UL 型規格安全插座

    Only AC220V to AC100V/ 110V reversal power converter
    UL type safe approval outlets


    Model : CT-500/SD

    最大負荷 Maximum loading rate(W) : 500 瓦特(W)


    Model : CT-1000/SD

    最大負荷 Maximum loading rate(W) : 1000 瓦特(W)


    Model : CT-1500/SD

    最大負荷 Maximum loading rate(W) : 1500 瓦特(W)


    Model : CT-2000/SD

    最大負荷 Maximum loading rate(W) : 2000 瓦特(W)


    Model : CT2500/SD

    最大負荷 Maximum loading rate(W) : 2500 瓦特(W)


    選購變壓器時需要確定 輸入電壓(V/Voltage/伏特)、輸出功率(W/Watt/瓦特)和電壓頻率(Hz/赫茲)三個方面是否符合你的需要。




    When purchasing a transformer, you need to determine whether the input voltage, output power, and voltage frequency meet your needs.


    The transformer may be lost after being used for a period of time, it is best to choose a power that is 30% higher than the indicated power of the appliance, which is safer for the user

    Super變壓火牛 Super Voltage Converter

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