TC-P1299  1299單膠箱 1299Single Plastic Box
TC-P1299D  1299孖膠箱 1299Double Plastic Box
TC-P1299P  1299單膠蓋 Cover Plate for1299Single Plastic Box
TC-P1299DP  1299孖膠蓋 Cover Plate for1299Double Plastic Box
TC-PCK  CK單位明膠箱 CK Single Plastic Box
TC-PCKD  CK孖位明膠箱 CK Double Plastic Box
TM-88   單明膠蓋 Cover Plate for Single Plastic Box
TM-88D  孖明膠蓋 Cover Plate for Double Plastic Box
TC-P1299E  1299膠箱加高框 1299Single Plastic Extension Box
TC-P1299DE  1299孖膠箱加高框 1299Double Plastic Extension Box
TC-PD30  淺膠箱 Shallow PVC Box
TC-PD40  深膠箱 Deep PVC Box
TC-PD30D  孖位淺膠箱 Double Shallow PVC Box
TC-PS86  單位斜膠箱 Single Oblique PVC Box
TC-PS146  孖位斜膠箱 Double Oblique PVC Box

爵士牌 膠箱 Plastic Box/ 箱蓋 Cover/ 加高框 Heightening Frame

配件分類 Acceseories

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