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Consumption Voucher User Guide

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We welcome the following payment method


Tap & Go

Enjoy Extra 3% off Discount when purchasing with consumption voucher 

Promotion Code


(Only applicable to online direct payment orders)

*A promotion code must be entered at the time of payment to redeem the offer.


If there is any dispute, the company can make the final decision

*Not available for Whatsapp orders


Tap & Go

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Please select to pay with Paypal for using Tap & Go Services (only accept Tap & Go Mastercard)

PayPal offers zero commission fee VISA, MasterCard and American Express payment.

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Octopus is a contactless smart card that is very convenient to use in electronic money. Whether trading or adding value, the operation is very simple. Octopus can be used in many places, such as convenience stores, fast food restaurants, public transport.

*We welcome to use Octopus Wallet and Octopus In store tap card payment. Please select " offline payment " when you are choosing the payment methods. We will contact you for the payment.

Please scan the QR code in below for Octopus Wallet App Payment

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