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  • 1. 移動電源: 長按一鍵式開關2秒即可輸出電流為設備充電.
    2. 警示閃燈: 連續按兩次一鍵式開關,警示閃燈,需要時可吸附於車頂.
    3. 強力磁鐵吸附: 底部強磁設計,可吸附金屬物件,方便檢修及各式動作.
    4. 緊急破窗及防身自衛: 手握緊產品,將強化波浪型攻擊頭朝外撞擊,即可緊急破窗及防身.
    1. Mobile Power: Press a key switch 2 seconds to output current to charge the device.
    2. Warning flash: Press Twice a key switch, warning flashing lights, if necessary can be adsorbed on the roof.
    3. Powerful magnets: the bottom of the magnetic design, can be adsorbed metal objects, easy maintenance and operation of all kinds.
    4. Emergency broken windows and self-defense: hands clenched products, will strengthen the wave-type attacks hit head outwards, to broken windows and emergency self-defense.

    金瑞典多功能隨車應急寶 JEE treasure multifunctional emergency vehicle

    HK$120.00 Regular Price
    HK$96.00Sale Price

      訂購及付款 Paying Methods and Ordering

      我們接受以下方法付款 We accept the following payment methods:


      💱 貨到現金付款 Cash upon delivery

      🏦 銀行轉帳 (​中銀) Bank transfer (BOC)


      🏢香港政府採購卡 HKSAR Government Purchasing-Card


      1 day