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Flat B, 23/F, Gee Chang Hong Centre,

65 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

      Wong Chuk Hang Station Exit A

Tel:   (852) 2553 3711

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  • 4K 超高清3,840 x 2,160
  • 支援HDR
  • 採用4K Ultra HD IPS LED
  • Super Bright Panel , 大幅提升畫面光亮度
  • 4K 1,500Hz BMR 極速驅動
  • 4K Hexa Chroma Driv 技術, 以3+3原色令真實色彩再生
  • Smart TV, 真正流暢的作業系統, 為你帶來前所未有的智能電視體驗
  • TV Anytime-用戶可使用智能電話或平板電腦串流觀賞錄影或播放電視節目
  • Info Frame-以四邊框形式顯示重要資訊如天氣, 行事曆或Web Clip, 即自訂網頁內容
  • 配備網頁瀏覽器, 瀏覽網頁簡單快捷
  • Easy Mirroring - 配合內置Direct Wifi, 輕鬆同步顯示智能電話或平板電腦內容
  • Swipe & Share- 用家輕輕一掃, 即可分享及儲存智能電話或平板電腦的內容
  • Internet Apps- 可享用不同類型的應用程式
  • 支援USB HDD 錄影
  • 內置多媒體播放器,透過USB輸入, 可播放影片, 相片及音樂檔案
  • Switch Design 可變座檯架安裝方式
  • 掛牆架型號:WMTV200, WMTV700S (可活動)

  • 4K Ultra HD 3,840 x 2,160
  • 4K Ultra HD IPS LED Bright Panel makes pictures, look crisper and more dynamic
  • 4K 1,500 Hz BMR
  • 4K Hexa Chrome Drive, Cutting edge 6 color reproduction creates life-like images with rich and accurate colors
  • Easy to access the content you want with intuitive operation
  • TV Anytime - Use a smartphone or tablet to watch and record from outside the home
  • Info Frame - Quick Access to useful information like time, weather, calendar and web clips
  • Web Browser
  • Easy Mirroring - Through Direct Wifi, you can easily synchronize your smart phone or tablet with the TV
  • Swipe & Share - Quickly share videos or photos between different devices
  • Internet Apps - Enjoy variety of apps from our apps store
  • USB HDD recording
  • USB Playback - Video, Photos and Music
  • Switch Design pedestal
  • Wall Mount: WMTV200, WMTV700S (Swivel)


樂聲 43吋 4K LED 智能電視 Panasonic 43"4K LED Smart iDTV


    訂購及付款 Paying Methods and Ordering

    我們接受以下方法付款 We accept the following payment methods:


    💱 貨到現金付款 Cash upon delivery

    🏦 銀行轉帳 (​中銀) Bank transfer (BOC)

    🏧 Payme

    💳 Paypal (VISA​, MasterCard and American Express)

    🏢香港政府採購卡 HKSAR Government Purchasing-Card


    1 day